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In Mexico, artisans frequently use lead oxide or greta in order to produce utensils, which are destined to preparation and storage of food and drinks. Additionally, the risk of lead poisoning of artisans and their families is greater than in general population, and within these families, children are the most susceptible to lead poisoning. The aim of this study was to estimate IQ loss in Mexican children from potter families exposed to lead. Lead concentrations in soil were determined in 19 potter's homes that functioned as pottery workshops in seven Mexican states between 2009 and 2012. This information was used to estimate blood lead levels through the integrated exposure uptake biokinetic (IEUBK) model. The loss of IQ points was then estimated according to the Lanphear and Schwartz models. The mean lead concentration found in the workshops' soil was 1098.4 ppm. Blood lead levels estimated in children under 8 years old were 26.4 µg/dL and the loss of IQ points comprised from 7.13 to 8.84 points depending on the model. It is possible that 11 children from families of artisans in Mexico may be losing between 7.13 to 8.84 IQ points, due to lead exposure in their houses-workshops. This loss in IQ points could have important health, economic and social impacts.

Juárez Pérez C.