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Killer cell immunoglobulin-like receptors are characterized by their great diversity of genes and alleles. Population studies have identified the presence of a broad variety of genotypes. In Mexico, there are diverse ethnic groups representing 9% of the total population and the rest is composed of Mestizos with a more varied biology. For the purpose of this study, genotyping was performed in Mestizos, in Mexico City inhabitants, and in three ethnic groups. The frequencies of genes KIR2DL2, 2DL5, 2DS1-3, 2DS5, and 3DS1 showed a greater variability in the groups studied. A total of 12 different genotypes were identified, the higher number for the Mestizos and the lower number for the Tarahumaras. Genotype 1 was found at a greater frequency in all the groups, except for the Tarahumaras, in which genotype 4 was more frequent. The frequency of genotypes 4 and 8 in Mexicans was higher than that for other populations analyzed. By subtyping of KIR3DL1, 3DL2, 2DL1, and 2DL3, two B haplotypes were identified in families; both were absent in Caucasian families. Our results indicated a greater diversity of genes in the Mestizos group than in the ethnic groups.